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Workshops from NEP Worldwide are consistently ranked by their participants as either “the best” or “among the best” they have ever had. There are many reasons for this.

1. Dynamic and Knowledgable Presenters
Every NEP presenter is a leader in education and their given area. They are also well-versed in how to sequence instruction to maximize engagement of a group, and mastery of content.

2. Cusomizable
NEP Worldwide does not give workshops “off the rack.” Each is tailored to the specific needs of each group, based on strategic data gathering prior to workshop delivery.

3. Follow-Up and Development
Every workshop from NEP Worldwide has other learning experiences that can be attached to it to deepen mastery and increase success of application. In this way, all NEP trainings become part of a professional development continuum of mastery.

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The Challenge: How American Schools Are Setting Global Standards
Maybe you have heard that schools in other nations are outperforming those in the U.S. In this rousing address, learn why that is not true, discover the educational innovations in American schools that other nations want to emulate, and have your audience leave anxious to get back into the classroom to make a positive difference!

Perfect for a conference keynote, or a district kick-off to a new school year.
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Go Forth and Teach!
Give your people an address that is an emotional experience, examining the incredible things teachers do daily to change lives and build futures. Often funny, sometimes poignant, this is one that audience members will be talking about for a long time.

Perfect for a conference keynote, or a district kick-off to a new school year, or for pre-service education majors.