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"Everyone who joins in the establishment of this career academy participates in a renewed hope. A new academy looks to a better world, for it exists to help students develop the character, intellect and mental resilience that will enable them to prosper in circumstances that we can only imagine. If it becomes a great academy, it will educate its students not merely to be personally successful, but also to use their gifts to build their communities and enhance the common good to levels beyond our dreams."

- Ehsanullah Eshan

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Television news in Afghanistan
Features Ehsanullah Ehsan being awarded NEP's Charles W. Bowser Award for his work on career academies in Kandahar. In addition to the award ceremony online during NEP's birthday celebration, another ceremony was held in Afghanistan with several government and education officials. (Newscast is entirely in Pashto.)

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NPR - Girls Show Grit Behind Guarded Walls

Here is a moving piece by NPR. There is a written portion and an audio portion from their radio show.

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SAIT Professional Journal

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Military News

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CanILF Newsletter



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L-R: Mr. Gerald Porter, Math; Mr. John Thompson, CTE;
Dr. Joseph Phillips, English

It pays to go to the source. One of the first things NEP did to assist KIMS was go to the original teacher team from the world's first career academy in 1969. Reassembled in Philadelphia after decades, these career academy teachers explored ideas, next steps, and integration concepts for the International Business Academy. They also offered weighty words of encouragement for their counterparts in Kandahar.

On October 29, 2010, twenty-one students from NEP's Lab School climbed aboard the Freedom Bus with a 64-page petition and a letter from Congress to request approval of ACCC's proposal before USAID. Leaving at 6:00 a.m., the students arrived at USAID offices after noon and spoke with representatives of that fine organization.

Many thanks to Mr. Jim Carey, Ms. Gertrude Neely, and the staff that oversees operations in Afghanistan for making the time to meet with our students, talk with them, and share their passion for the helping build a peaceful Afghanistan.

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NEP Ambassadors comprised of CAAS students meet with USAID staff in Washington, D.C.

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Student unfurl a 64-page petition, signed by Americans from sixteen states. Over the course of only three weeks, 315 signatures were received electronically, and 223 were signed in person, for a total of 538 signatures.

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USAID staff, having been in Afghanistan, explain what the situation is like for students there.

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CAAS students Mallory and Daniel making their case.

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CAAS NEP Ambassadors in front of the United States Capitol. Some representatives of Congress added their voices by writing letters of support for KIMS’ proposal at the request of NEP.