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Why Career Academies?

Career academies, after more than three decades of development and two decades of evaluation, have now been found by conclusive random-assignment study to be effective in improving the performance of students in high school. Career academies have therefore become the most durable and best-tested component of a high school reform strategy that includes dividing large schools and smaller units.
The number of career academies has been expanding rapidly, in part because academies been found to be effective, and in part because they embody ideas promoted by several major high school reform movements. (p.1)

Stern, David; Dayton, Charles; Raby, Marilyn (2000). Career academies: Building blocks for reconstructing American high schools. University of California-Berkeley, CASN, Berkeley, CA

Career academies have existed for more than 30 years and they can be found in an estimated 1500 high-schools nationwide. The durability and broad appeal of the career academy approach can be attributed, in part, to the fact that its core features offered direct responses to a number of problems that have been identified in large comprehensive schools. (p. vii)

Kemple, James J.; Snipes, Jason C. (2000). Career academies: Impacts on students’ engagement and performance in high school. Manpower Demonstration Research Corp., New York, NY