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Schools Without Borders
> NEP's new global reach
> "Schools Without Borders" - The Global Partnership Project of the ISC
> "Connecting Your School to Businesses" by Michael Haberman of PENCIL

> "My Teacher as a Role Model"by Chelsie Moore

> New information on the NEPwork network of schools
> Free Stuff From NEP
> "In the Trenches" with Dr. Joseph Phillips - Final installment
> "The Next 40" years of career academies by David Stern - Final installment
> "Let the Hangover Begin" - A look back at our year-long party for career academies' 40th!

Personalizing Instruction - An IEP for Every Student
> Peer Coaching in Lake County, Florida by Diane Mullen
> NEP Lab School English class publishes a book on very personal student experiences by Deirdre Deloatch
> Personalizing education with an IEP for every student by Mark A. Thompson
> "In the Trenches" with John Thompson, first career academy lead teacher
> "The Next 40" years of academies by Dr. Gene Bottoms and Dr. Heather Sass
> Honoring the first career academy at Edison High School in Philadelphia

Overage-Undercredited: What Do We Do With Them?
> Spotlight on Wunsche High School in Spring, Texas
> Saving Overage-Undercredited students by Peter Sacca and Diane Varano
> "In the Trenches" with Lee Everett, business partner of the first career academy
> "The Next 40" years of career academies by Lisa Nutter
> A look back at the coolest birthday party ever! NEP's celebration of career academies 40th anniversary at our annual conference in Houston, Texas

Theory Into Practice - CAAS Opens Its Doors
> The Tilden (R)Evolution continues with the Cultural Academy for the Arts & Sciences (CAAS), the new NEP Lab School
> Curriculum integration for Science academies: Outbreak!, Alternative Fuels, and Project APOLLO
> Celebration of the 40th anniversary of career academies begins!
> "In the Trenches" with Al Glassman, principal of the first career academy
> "The Next 40" years of career academies as seen by Mark A. Thompson
> Unveiling of the "Human Timeline" of career academies

Model Academies
> NEP names eight "Schools of Promise" nationally at Las Vegas conference
> A powerful student advisory class: Expression of the student voice through poetry by Tilden High School football coach Peter Waterman