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The 2018 Professor of the Year for Florida, Brenda Skoczelas is also an instructor of Physics at Lake-Sumter State College.

During her graduate studies in applied physics, Ms. Skoczelas worked to develop an updated mathematical model for measuring the magnetic field of a damaged nerve in a patient using a less invasive techniques. This work is another step forward in better determining the extend of nerve damage in humans.

Brenda has taught math and physical science courses at the high school and post-secondary levels since 2008. After 10 years of teaching, she is still excited every semester for a new group of students to share in her enthusiasm for Physics.

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Ms. Skoczelas became an Assistant Professor at Ivy Tech Community College before joining the Natural Science Department at Lake-Sumter State College in central Florida. She loves Florida, but misses the fall colors and “sweater weather,” so she is sure to ride her motorcycle to Christmas dinner each year. Brenda says, “There’s no better place to test the laws of Physics than on the racetrack.”

Brenda is an active member of the Association for Florida Colleges (AFC), and the Region III representative on the Faculty Commission board. She is also a member of the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT). Her hobbies include playing soccer, competing in triathalons, and spoiling her nephew.


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