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“Appreciation is a wonderful thing;
It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”

- Voltaire

NEP assesses schools based on the 5 Keys for Successful Academies. Schools that have demonstrated proficiency in at least two of the 5 Keys earn the status of "School of Promise." Schools that demonstrate mastery of all of the 5 Keys earn the highest honor NEP gives, the designation of "Beacon School."

Schools of Promise
There are currently only four Schools of Promise worldwide. They are listed below in alphabetical order. Explore their pages and their school websites to get great ideas for your own career academies and small learning communities!
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The Cultural Academy for the Arts & Sciences
NEP Lab School

CAAS is not only a School of Promise, but the NEP Lab School, making it a demonstration site for peer collaboration and individualized instruction. It is a model to emulate in Brooklyn, New York.
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Gulf Shores High School

Gulf Shores is a school that has exemplary practice in building community and business partnerships that create vigorous learning experiences for their students. GSHS is in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
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Kandahar Institute for Modern Studies
KIMS is a School of Promise for outstanding academy design and building effective partners to create vigorous learning experiences for their students. KIMS is the first career academy in history outside the United States, located in Kandahar, Afghanistan.
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Renaissance School of Musical Theater & Technology

RHS is in the Bronx, New York. They are a School of Promise because of the degree to which they support classroom teachers through professional development and shared decision making.

Beacon Schools
No school has qualified for NEP Beacon School status, yet. Will your school be the first?

How to Apply
Apply to have your school evaluated based on the 5 Keys for Successful Career Academies. It's a valuable learning experience for your entire staff. NEP accepts up to three School of Promise applications and one Beacon School application per year. It's free. Read the directions in each application packet for requirements, deadlines, and FAQs.
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Apply for Extension
If you are already an NEP "School of Promise" or "Beacon School" with a designation that is about to expire, and you would like to request NEP grant you a one-year extension, click here to file a request.